SKILLS.AI is an online mentoring platform for job seekers in high tech. You can join our private community to get member only learning materials or hire a mentor to help you jump start your job search.

Our story

Why did you create SKILLS.AI?

We believe the best way to accomplish something is to hire a mentor or someone who has done it. Similarly for job search, the best way to land your dream job is to hire a mentor who nailed the interview at the same company. It is the fastest shortcut to success. You will sharpen your job skills like using cheat codes, and learn more working with them than you will in months on your own.

What does it look like working at a high tech company like Google or Amazon? Should I choose my career as a data scientist or software engineer? Which programming languages or algorithms should I master before submitting my resume to Facebook? These are some of the questions that I wished someone could help me out when I started my job search in my last year in college. That's why I created SKILLS.AI to help you to connect with an industry professional to help you succeed.

Leon, founder of SKILLS.AI



Join as a job seeker

Learn from the people who have done it.

  • Preparing job interviews with confidence, with the guidance from an experienced professional.
  • Some of the deep knowledges only exist in a mentor's brain, you can't find them on the internet.
  • Avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls, and focus on things that matter most.
  • Getting help when stuck on something.

Join as a Mentor

Help others, make an impact and get paid.

  • No need to write more codes or building a model after a hard day of work. Share your expertise through a private conversation at your preferred time.
  • Reach more clients by setting up your professional profile, and let us do the marketing and branding for you without costing you anything.