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The best way to land your dream job is to learn from someone who has done it. Sharpen your interview skills like using cheat codes. Getting ready for a job interview in weeks instead of months on your own.

Find a mentor from a top technology company

SKILLS.AI lets you hire a mentor who nailed their job interviews at a top company

Job searching can be stressful



You're close to graduation, and

You need somebody that knows all about job searching and have done it well – an industry professional mentor.

Want to ace your next interview, and

You want to learn all the tips and tricks for a successful interview from an experienced mentor who had done it many times.

Hate behavior questions

But this FANG (*) company you want to join really likes to ask them, even if you never had a conflict with a coworker before

(*) FANG: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google


How about prepare your job search with the help from an industry professional who have perfected it?

You can only learn from the best of the best, and we’ve got them. Skills AI’s mentor network consists of experienced professionals ready to help young professionals step in the game. Let us find the right mentor for you who can help you nail your job interview and dream job.


SKILLS.AI is an online platform that will connect you with the right mentor for you. We’ll analyze your profile and put you in touch with an experienced mentor. You’ll have all your mentor’s information, appointment schedules and payments available on your personal dashboard.


Our Mentors Background

  • Python95%

  • R95%

  • Algorithm97%

  • Business Analytics70%

  • Behavior Questions90%

  • Data Analytics99%

  • SQL90%

  • Entrepreneuers60%

  • Interviewer100%

How SKILLS.AI works

Sign up, fill up short professional information and we will find you a mentor with a 30 mintues FREE consulting session and get to know you. Continue the mentoring program for $99/hour as you need.


Tell us about yourself, your dream job and dream companies. We will pair you with a suited professional to mentor you in your job pursuit.


Your paired mentor will get in touch and schedule a FREE introductory call (up to 30 mins). Get to know your mentor and decide if you want to continue by purchasing a paid session ($99/hour).

Mentoring Program

During the online mentoring sessions you will receive valuable information, insight, and guidance to help you pursue and prepare for your dream job. Pay as you go, as many sessions as you need.

Do you have questions

Not sure if SKILLS.AI is for you?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we have received so far. Contact us if you have any other questions you need answers to.

SKILLS.AI stands as a testimony of our strong belief in professional mentorship. Professional counsel during a job search makes a huge difference in success. A job seeker that has a professionally accomplished mentor on his side is a stronger and better-prepared job seeker. A mentor will heighten the job seeker’s professional awareness, interview skills and guide them on their career path. Shorten what you would learn in months on your own, with a few mentoring sessions.

That's why we created SKILLS.AI to help you to connect with an industry professional to help you succeed.

Job searching is a complicated process, here are some typical questions our mentors answer:

  • Should I become a data scientist or software engineer?
  • Which programming languages should I choose interviewing?
  • Can I survive on a 100K annual salary in Silicon Valley?
  • Which team at this technology company should I join, what are the pros and cons for my career?
We need to make sure job seekers get the best out of SKILLS.AI. You will need to sign up and then fill up your profile. We will review your background and notify you within 24 hours. If we think you have useful experiences, we will approve your application to become a mentor.
SKILLS.AI’s mentor network is made up of industry professionals that are employed or have been employed at a FANG company. SKILLS.AI’s founder and recruiters make sure the mentors in the network are trustworthy, reliable and good at mentoring.
Thanks for your interest in a mobile version of SKILLS.AI, we currently don't have a native app yet. In the meantime, you can add to your home screen on your mobile devices. You can also subscribe to our email list and become the first to know once it becomes available.
Absolutely, if you are not convinced the mentor answered your question, rest assured, we can either refund you or find you another mentor. Just shoot us an email and we will take care of it for you.
Please feel free to contact us



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